Isabelle Dasylva-Gill, Hope River

“I am not a gym person and yet I decided to get a membership. There is a lot to say about Eternal Fitness, you feel like you’re part of a great big family.

I felt at ease and supported right away by the staff as well as other members. Let’s not forget the dynamic group of ladies (and gents) who make the classes so enjoyable. They are awesome at cheering us on!

I am also happy to support a local business and Denée particularly. One thing we all have in common is our commitment to stay healthy by taking care of our mind and body when exercising regularly.

And thanks to Eternal Fitness, I can say ‘I got this!’ “

Lynn Clemens, San Diego

“I met Denée and Eternal Fitness during the summer of 2017 when I was in Rustico and I had planned to get my exercise by walking and riding my bike in the area.  Luckily a friend invited me to join her at Eternal Fitness on my second morning of a 6 week stay.  I could not believe that first terrific workout!  I thought I had been staying pretty fit, but Eternal Fitness put me through a great warm up, rigorous workout, and great stretch at the end.  I SWEATED buckets and felt great the next day (both proof of a good workout and a great cool down/stretch because I was not sore).  I spent the rest of my vacation on as many days as possible with Denée and Eternal Fitness, each day was a different kind of workout, or yoga and each day was a real treat…wish there was a similar program at home, all in the same place!  Any thoughts of a move to San Diego Denée?

Thanks for making my summer stay not only happy, but healthy…..and of course, Eternally Fit!”

Lorraine MacKinnon, Rustico

“I began small group training (a personalized program) with Denee in August of 2016, and by February I had lost 13 inches off my body!  Even though I suffered an injury in that fall, I still had excellent results.  Denee is extremely knowledgeable, and was able to modify my training to accommodate the injury but still provide a great workout.  Denee is committed to encouraging all members to reach their fitness/health goals, acknowledging hard work, and ensuring a friendly and motivating environment at her gym.”

Geri Gauthier, Rustico

“Going to Eternal Fitness Gym makes me smile. I joined the gym several years ago after I retired because I wanted to ‘get in shape’ and increase my physical activity. I always wanted to be fit and felt I needed to get stronger so I could safely manage the chores in and outside my home…oh and I wanted to hit the golf ball further! It wasn’t long before I was feeling better mentally and physically.

Denée has top notch assessment skills and freely gives individualized assistance as she guides and challenges you to increased strength and fitness at the same time making sure proper techniques are being used so to prevent injuries. The staff are very welcoming and friendly making workouts enjoyable.

There are so many reasons to be physically active and Eternal Fitness helps make it happen for me. I find the gym a great place to be with friends and meet new people and at the same time reap the benefits of physical activity.”

Steve Gallant, North Rustico

“I attend Eternal Fitness in South Rustico when I am home. I enjoy the atmosphere, instruction and professionalism that I get from Denée, it is awesome. She caters your routine to your needs and also what she thinks is best for you.”

Anne Galle, Rustico

As a senior and two time cancer survivor I know it is important that I maintain a strong body. Denée has helped me achieve amazing results over the last few years.  Doing regular workouts I have managed to stay fit and toned.  She has helped me build my strength with an ever evolving set of exercises. When I started with Eternal Fitness I was looking for something that would challenge and motivate me.  Four years later I am still being challenged and pushed to my limits and know that I am working towards attainable goals. 

Denée is always patient, kind and generous and her personal touches and attention make all the difference. Denée is serious and passionate about fitness and each and every person who comes into her gym feels welcome and motivated to do their best.  Her workouts are full of variety and challenging but never boring. She offers several modifications to the exercises so that each person works at their fitness level and does the movements correctly. As an exercise professional, Denée offers corrective strategies when needed on an individual basis.

The people I meet at the gym are amazing and great company. We have fun and share many laughs as we work together at our own fitness levels.”